What to Wear

  • Sumo

And What Not to Wear…

One thing I like about being a magician is I get to dress in a way that I am not able to in the conservative corporate world of my day job.

I have been invited to make a television appearance this Thursday morning on WREG’s Live at 9 on channel 3 here in Memphis. And yes, that means it will air this Thursday morning at 9am, live.

In preparing for this appearance I have put some thought into what to wear. I have been thinking should I wear something appropriate for Halloween or one of my regular outfits I wear when performing? Here are a few to run by you:

1I like this one, it’s good for Halloween but the fact is I lost some weight since I bought this shirt and I don’t feel it’s a good fit anymore.


2I thought this orange shirt would be great for Halloween, and I guess it is. But this got me thinking, “maybe trying to dress for a holiday isn’t such a good idea.”


3In my mind I was really hoping to wear this one. The purple shirt captures the Halloween spirit without being too obvious and the bolo tie adds a delightful sinister touch.

4I was so hopeful for this one I even tried it with a different vest and pants. But I just don’t think this is the right choice.


5Then I thought maybe this brown herringbone vest will capture the fall spirit but in my opinion is too much of a professorial look.


6Finally I put on one of my regular outfits and felt most at home. I think it will be best to go with one of the outfits I am used to wearing rather than try to dress for Halloween.

I would actually prefer to wear something along these lines but I think I remember that you shouldn’t wear white on TV. Can you confirm this?

UPDATE: Jake suggested I try all black, here is that one:




What do you think I should say “ak ya” or “nish nish” to? What suggestions/opinions/ideas do you have for what I should wear for my first television appearance? Let me know in a comment below…