The “When to Start” Dilemma

  • Sumo

When I began to search for a magic gig at a restaurant, I quickly ran up against a “chicken and the egg” type dilemma.

People in the magic community say “if you want to get good as a magician just go get a restaurant gig because you get lots of experience.”

Yet in order to get a restaurant gig, you already have to be good, right?

So which comes first, the chicken or the egg? As I would approach restaurants the overbearing question in my mind was “am I good enough?” I was constantly doubting my abilities, and at some level I still have frequent doubts about myself as an entertainer.

But I came up with a solution. The solution and my response to the insecure questions in my mind is: YES!

To get a restaurant gig you already have to be good, right? YES! I already am good enough, at least to get started and I will keep getting better!

Which comes first, the restaurant gig or having skills as a magician? YES! I will go out for the gig and the skills will continue to improve!

Maybe you should practice more instead of going in that restaurant today. YES! I will go in that restaurant today and practice some more!

No one will ever care about your success as an entertainer more than you. If it’s going to happen then it’s up to you to say “YES! This is going to happen.” And one way or the other… it will.