The Case of the Missing Script

  • Sumo

What causes a magic routine to go from amateur quality to professional quality? I believe having a script is one very important factor. This post includes a script for a new addition to my repertoire.

For a few years I have really liked a magic routine where three chinese coins with holes in the center are threaded onto a silk red ribbon and one at a time visually melt through the ribbon. I have not performed it professionally because I didn’t have a script that I felt was good enough.

One day I was watching a mystery thriller called “The Man From Bejing” on Netflix. At one point a silk red ribbon is left at a murder scene. The film goes on the explain that a silk red ribbon is used in a Chinese wedding ceremony.
Bingo. That’s something I can work with. Maybe all those hours wasted on Netflix will pay off after all. Here it is.

Three Chinese coins mysteriously melt off a silk red ribbon

Three Chinese coins mysteriously melt off a silk red ribbon

Int. scene – description

Tim stands at a table in a restaurant with 3-6 people sitting at the table. Lucy sits to the left of Tim, Randy sits to his right. The indented italics are Tim speaking:

A wise old Chinese Magician taught me this trick. He performed it at weddings. In China, the bride and groom hold a silk red ribbon. It represents that they are connected and destined to be together.
Overtime, many things could cause the ribbon to stretch or tangle, but it will never break.
One thing that could put stress on the ribbon… is money.

Three Chinese coins with holes in the center are threaded onto the ribbon.

At times you will have a lot of money, but don’t become greedy and forget about the ribbon and the connection it represents.

One coin eerily melts off the ribbon and is handed to Lucy to hold.

Other times you will have enough money, but don’t become so comfortable you lose focus of your connection. Randy, will you please hold these two coins?

Randy holds the two coins still on the ribbon while Tim pulls the ribbon, one coin stays on while the other melts off the ribbon as Randy is holding it. Now one coin is left on the ribbon.

And there are times when you don’t have much money at all. It will feel like the ribbon is being stretched to it’s limit. Will it break?

The ribbon visually falls off the third coin.

Remember, it’s not about how much money you don’t have or do have.

The ribbon visually melts back onto the third coin. Tim then takes the two coins that have already melted off the ribbon and has Lucy hold them both.

Don’t let money become that which holds you together or breaks you apart, but allow your special bond that withstands the up’s and down’s hold you together.
My wish is that your bond will serve you well and that you make money, and don’t allow money to make you.

Third coin vanishes from ribbon and reappears in Lucy’s hand.

Alt Comedy Ending
Picks up after third coin melts back onto ribbon and Lucy is holding the two coins.

The important thing is, just let the woman hold all the money.

Third coin vanishes from ribbon and reappears in Lucy’s hand.

It lasts a little more than 3 minutes, depending how much interaction goes on between myself and the audience.
What I like about it:
-The unusual Chinese props are given a context that makes sense.
-It’s a script that could plant a seed in a person’s mind of hiring me to perform at their wedding.
-It’s a routine I could perform for the whole room at a wedding.

My concerns about it:
-It’s too deep and over-thought, some people just want to see a fun eye candy magic trick, not learn about the secrets of life.
-My hope is that it would come across like a toast, but my concern is it might come off too preachy.
-What if people I am performing for have money trouble and are offended by this script?

As I perform this piece these concerns will answer themselves and it will improve, but this is what I have for now.
If you’re a magician and you like this script, feel free to use it.

I would appreciate any feedback to improve. What are your comments?

Thanks to TH and JJ for such a wonderful routine.