Progess on Goals for September 2013

  • Sumo

I have to say I didn’t get near as much on done on my goals this month as I had hoped. I will share my reasons why at the end of this post, but first, my report:

  1. Develop an 8 minute segment that will eventually be a part of a 30 minute stand-up magic show that willplay for up to about 100 people. Practice, rehearse and be able to perform it by the end of September. I didn’t get this done, I need to construct two gimmicks that will help with the tricks I won’t to do and I didn’t even do that. I believe for one trick I will use another more traditional method so I don’t have to construct a new gimmick.
  2. Write 5 blog posts. I didn’t do this but I did put a new blog post out each week and am finding plenty of things to post about.
  3. Add at least 3 “Bizarre Ritual” type magic effects to my repertoire and be ready to perform them for October. No I didn’t do this either but I still have time before Halloween.
  4. Go through the Piranha Marketing course and apply what I learn. I did do this and it is an extremely helpful course. This course inspired to make some new videos that I will be rolling out next month.
  5. Attend the Jon Acuff “Start” seminar on September 14th. I did this even though I had to get up at 4:30am to drive to Nashville to be there for the event. The best part about it was meeting all the other people who are working on their dreams and I am really glad I went.
  6. Finish reading book “Trust Me, I’m Lying” and also read “Scripting Magic” I made it about a two thirds of the way through “Scripting Magic” and didn’t even read any more of “Trust Me, I’m Lying”.
  7. Send out 10 press releases to reporters with local print media, of the 10 I send out, make a connection with at least 1 of the reporters that might be interested in magic news in my town. I didn’t even start on this but I was asked to make a television appearance.
  8. Add in 3 new close-up magic pieces for my restaurant repertoire No on this one two but the new effects I added in last month have really served me well. Incidentally the one trick for the script I published this month I decided I will not be using, neither the trick nor the script. I still think it’s a great trick but there’s some handling issues on the sleight of hand I am not yet comfortable with.
  9. If I don’t land the pending 2 new restaurant gigs this month, then make 10 sales calls to restaurants, if I do land the 2 gigs, focus more on goal numbers 1 and 8. I didn’t make any sales calls except to follow up with the 2 gigs that were up in the air. As it turns out I will be working at the late night bar some more but it will most likely be on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. As for the upscale casual place there is a small chance I might work there someday but I believe I am better off focusing my efforts elsewhere. I am going to try a new approach to getting a restaurant gig instead putting so much emphasis on cold calls.
  10. Continue to improve website No. I bought some new themes that I thought would really be good but it turned out I would have to totally rewrite the site. I ended up getting frustrated and went back to what I had previously.

There’s a lot of red here. There are two reasons why:

  1. The first half of this month I had at least three extra gigs that required some additional travel. All the driving left worn out a lot of weekends when I had free time to work on these.
  2. As much as I hate to admit it, my achilles heel is Netflix. I waste so much time watching movies. The good news is my current debit card expires today and I will not update my netflix account with the new one so my account will go on hold.

If I am going to achieve my longterm goals of being a professional magician, I am going to have to do a much better job than this.