October 2013 Goals: Mid Month Check-In

  • Sumo

Here’s how I’m doing so far:

  1. Roll out a permission marketing campaign to get some new restaurant gigs I completed one video and put it on a landing page, I still need to reshoot the video, most importantly I need to get it done and email it out to some restaurant owners to see what kind of response I get
  2. Make my first television appearance DONE, it was a success, see it and read all about it in my last post
  3. Put together a new 4 minute piece that will be in my stand up magic show this is what I’ve kept putting off for months, it keeps running in my head but I don’t have a regular stand-up show like my regular restaurant gig so it is not as urgent to get this done. This is a goal that falls into Covey’s Quadrant II: Important but Not Urgent. I am really going to have to make myself get this one done.
  4. Perform one bizarre ritual type piece for this month in my restaurant close-up repertoire DONE, I had this ready for my TV appearance as well, I have already done it a few times in the restaurant and it does well but it isn’t as interactive as many of my other tricks
  5. Put together one new routine involving rubber bands melting through each other I’ve got this about 25% done, I need to add in 2 more phases to the routine and rehearse it enough so it’s ready for public performance, the good news I have the idea for a fun script all in my mind, I just need to put it into action.

I intentionally only set 5 goals this month so I would be more productive. Last month I think I had 10 and I didn’t get much done. With only 5 I am able to maximize my focus. The toughest one this month was the TV appearance and that one is already done.

What it comes down to is am I going to get these done? Or am I going to rest on my laurels and be unproductive, unfulfilled, and unhappy. I could call it procrastination but the fact is I will either procrastinate on these or I choose to procrastinate something else that is less important.

No one is going to do these for me. It’s up to me. What will I do?