How to Never Get Discouraged

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Never Get Discouraged

Never Get Discouraged

What do you do on those days when nothing seems to work out? When bad things happen? How do you get motivated to work towards your dream when you feel exhausted and just want to be left alone?

If you have ever felt this way I understand how you feel because I have been there too. Here is what I found that helps me.

I refocus on these two universal truths:

  1. Life is short
  2. Life is full of disappointments

This may not sound like a positive outlook but hear me out and I believe these two truths will empower you to gain leverage on any feelings of discouragement. Read this and you will deny discouragement from taking the wind from your sails.

1. Life is short


Josh Fielder, thanks for being a great friend, I miss you

We never know when our time will be up. You might live another 40 years or you might get one more day, who knows? We’re all born with the weight of death on our shoulders.

This hit home with me this time last year when the life of my friend Josh Fielder ended. He was diagnosed with cancer and about 6 months later he was gone. He was 34 years old and at the time I was 33 years old. That’s a wake up call. Life is short, how am I using my time?

With the reality that your time is finite and very limited, whatever caused you to feel discouraged suddenly becomes insignificant.


2. Life is full of disappointments

Hold up, finish reading before you label me Mr Negative. Sure, life is full of good times and I’m grateful for them. But if you live long enough, you will have some tough times and some heavy duty disappointments. This is good news.

Because your good times contrast that much more in comparison to the disappointments. It makes your joyful times that much richer and enables you to feel and express a depth of gratitude. You even become grateful for your disappointments because they led you to a new level of maturity.



Here is how I apply these two universal truths as I work towards my dream of performing magic as a full time pro. A potential discouraging event presents itself, a rejection, or maybe I’m just feeling in a funk on the way to a gig.

I remind myself “life is short and full of disappointments, but when I perform magic, I’m doing what I love most, I am making the best use of my very limited time and am doing one sure thing that for me leads to joy, not disappointments.”

That is how I “system override” discouraging thoughts and feelings. When you are working towards your dream, you can count on push back, so it’s imperative you program yourself with a system override against the push back.

How do you keep from getting discouraged?