Marketing to Restaurants

  • Sumo

After listening to “Piranha Marketing” by Joe Polish I was more in inspired to create some videos that will market my services to restaurants instead of spending so much time making cold calls.

Here is what I have so far:

Here is what I still need that I not yet sure about: a delivery system.

I could email the video to restaurant owners and I plan to do so. But I believe it will be much more effective if a restaurant owner were to receive this video from someone they respect and/or trust. A referral.

I had the idea to offer a referral bonus to anyone who referred me to a restaurant gig. At first I thought of offering an $800 bonus. Then I thought it’s more realistic to offer $600. Finally I decided on $500 because that is a nice bonus for someone and still gives me some wiggle room. I am able to offer this because:

  1. I have a day job so I have a steady flow of income, I’m not immediately relying on the income from the restaurant to live on
  2. The person who refers me would get their payout after I have been at the restaurant for 6 weeks, so 1) I will have made their payout from working at the restaurant and 2) if I’ve been there 6 weeks I will feel relatively certain I will be there many weeks after
  3. If I just book one party from the restaurant I will have more than justified the referral bonus

My plan was to put up an intro video on a landing page that I would blast out to the world telling people how they can easily make $500 cash if they help me out. I would have a form where they fill in their email then I would send them to another page with another video that teaches & motivates them how to get a high quality referral. I’ve already got the first draft of the video done, I just need to reshoot a few parts and edit it. Here are my concerns about offering a referral bonus:

  1. Because I’m in sales, I am motivated by this type of program, but my fear is that most people are not and would even be turned off by such a blatant bribe-like offering of cash
  2. I’m not sure if I want to blast out to the world a video where I might appear so loose with a lot of cash, what kind of impression does this give? Or if I keep it professional will it stay classy?
  3. Some people are literally crazy about money. Am I sure I want to put market myself as someone who gives out a generous bonus when there are a lot of crazy people in the world?

To further clarify, I hope to get 3 additional restaurants, this would mean I’m giving out $1,500 dollars. As a part of the program I explain that if one person gets me 3 restaurants, I will give that one person an additional $500, a total of $2,000 payout.