Hospitality and Close-Up Magic at Restaurants

  • Sumo

How do you give a restaurant client excellent service? How does the level of hospitality effect a diner’s experience?

Since I am a close-up magician who performs at restaurants, these are questions I think about. I did some research on the subject and here some ideas I found interesting.

The book “Remarkable Service” by the Culinary Institute of America states the attributes of remarkable service.

Remarkable Service (here are a few of the attributes)

  • is welcoming, friendly, and courteous
  • is well timed
  • is consistent
  • exceeds expectations

I choose to let these attributes be a guide for how I perform at the restaurant.

  • I have a friendly and hospitable attitude
  • Timing is important – I perform when guests are waiting for their food or when they are finished eating
  • I provide a consistent quality of pleasing entertainment
  • When people experience close-up magic at a restaurant, it exceeds their expectations of their overall dining experience

“Our customers, especially in fine dining, are not coming to us necessarily to get fed, they’re not even coming to get pampered or for the beautiful ambiance. There’s something more. They want a memorable experience. Creating great memories for our guests is what we do.”

Alex Brennan-Martin from his book “The Simple Truth About Your Business”

“To entertain a guest is to be answerable for his happiness so long as he is beneath your roof.” Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1825

Close-up magic is a wonderful entertainment choice for restaurants because

  • it gives people a memorable experience
  • it causes people to feel happiness

The info in this post is from 8 Ideas To Raise The Service Bar  from the site and the book “Remarkable Service.”