Goals for August 2013

  • Sumo

One recurring post I will be making are my monthly goals. I plan to post my goals for the month on the 1st of each month.
I will follow up with a post about how I progressed in achieving my goals on the last day of each month.
Some months I will make a post middle of the month about where I am at on my goals and necessary modifications.

Here are my goals for what’s left of August 2013.

  1. Make 20 sales calls to restaurants
  2. Of the 20 sales calls to restaurants I make, have two of them with a restaurant owner or decision maker
  3. Go out and street perform one time for at least two hours
  4. Get my blog up and running, write at least 5 posts and schedule them to publish
  5. Update my website, add some photos and improve the design so it flows in an aesthetically pleasing way
  6. Complete the graphic design process of my new business cards and poster and place an order with the printer
  7. Add in three new tricks to my repertoire
  8. Update my spreadsheet I use to track my magic income and expenses
  9. Complete the tasks on my list from Lou Serrano’s course on magic business and marketing
  10. Order the Piranha Marketing program

The more I do this the better I will get at setting realistic goals that I can achieve within a month.

Will you please hold me accountable?