Dusting Off the Old Blog

  • Sumo

March 2013 I landed my first professional magic gig at a restaurant in Memphis, TN called Trolley Stop Market. I perform a style called “close-up magic” where I perform elegant sleight-of-hand at your table.

Since I landed this gig I have continued to work on getting other gigs at other restaurants and have also been booking private parties. Through this process I have been making pages of notes and felt the exhilaration of winning over strangers and the rejection of people laughing in my face (in a bad way).

Finally I realized “heck, I have so much going on, and this is the most exciting thing I’ve done in my life, I ought to publish my private diary of all this so people can follow along and get the inside scoop.”

That’s the gist of it. I have a lot in mind to write about and ideas for different recurring posts so content should keep on coming for you.

My goal is to publish one post a week. Anybody should be able to handle 52 posts in one year, right? In fact I just sat down and pounded out four other posts in addition to this one.

What I’m saying is I will be there for you.

Will you be here for me?…