Daily Schedule for Success

  • Sumo

Now that I have my feet wet performing magic as a part-time professional, here’s an idea for a daily schedule to be successful. These are the key areas to focus and an estimation of time needed to be spent on each:


  1. Performing: performing close-up magic at restaurants, going out to test run new material at open mic nights or anywhere I can get stage time, learning what people like and what they respond to, learning etiquette and social graces, gaining experience and logging the hours so I learn how to be an excellent entertainer. These are concepts must be learned from doing. Minimum time commitment: 2 hours/night at least 4 days/week, 8 hours/week.
  2. Marketing and Publicity: continual tweaking wording on all marketing materials: website, business cards, postcards, posters, what gets the best response? Writing sales letters, ads, and press releases. Learning from new marketing courses, writing client newsletters, shooting videos to publish online and social media. Minimum time commitment: 3 hours/day at least 4 days/week, 12 hours/week.
  3. Selling: cultivating relationships with restaurants, regulars at restaurants, existing clients, developing new clients, and relationships with media. Meeting new business prospects. Making and returning phone calls to set up performances. 2 hours/day at least 4 days/week, 8 hours/week.
  4. Administrative tasks: writing up performance agreements and sending them out, organizing and completing mailings, keeping track of income and expenses, etc. 1 hour/day at least 4 days/week, 4 hours/week.

DISCLAIMER: this is just a theoretical schedule. In the real world we often find ourselves “putting out fires” and “going down rabbit trails.”

Remember this is not an issue of time management, as Covey teaches “time management” is a misnomer and is a term that suggests time is outside our responsibility. Instead the correct term is “self management” – we are responsible in how we manage ourselves.

Finally keep in mind that I am still very much in the start-up phase of setting up my magic business. For someone already established a schedule could be very different.


In your opinion, what are the key areas of focus that should be prioritized? What is your daily schedule? How would you recommend I tweak my daily schedule for success?