Close-Up Magic Now Appearing at Coco’s Italian Market in Nashville with Magician Tim Friday!

  • Sumo

EXCITING NEWS! I am now performing close-up magic at Coco’s Italian Market on Friday nights 6pm to 8pm.

While close-up magic is a featured entertainment in restaurants in larger cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, it has not had much presence in restaurants in Nashville.


Coco’s Italian Market is the premier Italian restaurant in Nashville. Walk in and you feel like you happened upon a charming market/restaurant you would find in an Italian village. Here you can see the dining area where I perform close-up magic for your table on Friday night.


The market portion has imported goods you can’t find anywhere else – unless you go to Italy. Having a market there is great because it gives you something to look at while you wait. In addition to the market I am there on Friday nights to entertain you with magic while you wait. I split my time entertaining groups who are already at their table and groups who are in the market area waiting.


Coco’s Italian Market has a bocce ball court outside, a food truck, and is owned and operated by Chuck Cinelli and his family.


There is a heated patio with lots of extra room, you could host a great party here – and yes – I perform close-up magic for your table on the patio on Friday nights as well!


Connect with Coco’s Italian Market on Facebook or Twitter @CocosItalian, I hope to see you there on a Friday night!


Coco’s Italian Market is located at 411 51st Avenue N, Nashville, TN 37209. I’m performing there on Friday nights but will not be there the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 28th, 2014.

Here’s a video so you can get a feel for what close-up magic is like at a restaurant, but you really have to experience it in person to get the full effect!

Call some friends and make plans to eat at Coco’s Italian Market!