Progress on Goals for August 2013

  • Sumo

On August 22nd, 2013 I made a post with my goals for the month of August, here is where I finished.

    1. Make 20 sales calls to restaurants – I made 10 restaurant calls, so I didn’t get all 20 but I have some good news to report on the next goal
    2. Of the 20 sales calls to restaurants I make, have two of them with a restaurant owner or decision maker – I had 2 restaurants give me a night to try it out and see how it goes, it went well at both places and hopefully I will be able to share more on this soon
    3. Go out and street perform one time for at least two hours – I didn’t get this one. There was one night I could have but it was sandwiched between the two nights I was auditioning for new restaurants so I decided to take the night off. I actually think I am better off focusing on getting better at performing at the restaurant and performing at private parties, hopefully I can squeeze in some street performing too
    4. Get my blog up and running, write at least 5 posts and schedule them to publish – Goal Achieved
    5. Update my website, add some photos and improve the design so it flows in an aesthetically pleasing way – I got this done but it’s still a work in progress. I did a hack job on the widgets to break up the design. I believe it’s just a matter of trying different wordpress themes and finding one that works best, the site is
      New Poster
    6. Complete the graphic design process of my new business cards and poster and place an order with the printer – Done, I ordered enough to last a while and they should arrive the first week in September, I’m happy with how the updates turned out, you can see my new poster
    7. Add in three new tricks to my repertoire – I have been working on 3 new ones, I tried 2 of them out at the restaurant last Friday night and I believe with a little more work they will be good additions, the 3rd one will come together as well, still working on it. The challenge here is I have 6 effects I do 80% of the time. These 6 I have learned and do well and audiences like them, with adding in new material I have to go through the learning process all over again, go through all the nervousness again, etc, so I have to push myself to add new stuff. Also sometimes I work on adding something but it doesn’t work out or fit me and I spent all that time and get nothing back.
    8. Update my spreadsheet I use to track my magic income and expenses – I finally got this updated, I was a few months behind on the expenses. My accountant advised me that since I have a day job to try and break even this year on my magic business, meaning don’t go over my magic income with magic expenses, and use my magic income to buy all the supplies I will need for the future. I will be able to do it, but in the future I will have to work on buying less magic items
    9. Complete the tasks on my list from Lou Serrano’s course on magic business and marketing – the problem with this goal is it is not specific enough, Lou’s course is very comprehensive and ongoing, some of my other goals here are from the list like the website goal but there are others that will take time like building a client email list
    10. Order the Piranha Marketing program – yes, I just ordered a used copy off Amazon

Tomorrow is a new month and with it comes new goals…