2013 Business Plan

  • Sumo

In line with my other business related post this week, I wanted to go ahead and post my business plan for 2013. I’m keeping it simple and focused with only two goals because there’s not much time left in 2013, but if I can accomplish what’s laid out in this plan, I will have put myself in a great position for 2014.

Business Plan

2 Goals:
-Restaurants: Have 3 weekly restaurant gigs before the end of 2013

-Private Events: Book at least 3 private events before the end of 2013

Thats it.

I have two opportunities pending with new restaurants, one is an upscale casual type place and the other is a late night bar situation. I have worked the bar two times so far. I wasn’t sure if it would work out after the first time because there weren’t as many people there as usual but I stuck it out and the second time went much better.

I worked a wine tasting event at the upscale casual place and it went really good. It’s just a matter of following up with the owner but since restaurant owners seem to be some of the most sporadic people alive that can be challenging.

The other thing is I’m not sure how it will work out until I’ve been at a place for 1 or 2 months, so that makes me hesitant about blasting out announcements that I’m performing at a new place. Once I’ve been there a while and I know it’s a good fit for everyone then I have no problem letting the world know.
Hopefully in the upcoming weeks I will have good news to share in this area but it’s still too early to tell.

On Private Events my goal is to book 3 all on my own. Sometimes other entertainers in my area book large corporate events and bring me on board to help as an entertainer. I’m grateful for these but I also want to build my own client list and gain experience booking my own events. I have already done a few on my own and the clients were very pleased with how it worked out. With holiday season on horizon I believe booking 3 events is a realistic goal.

The other main goal I have is expanding my repertoire and bringing to life the magic show that keeps playing in my head. I will continue to work on these but I am not including them in the business plan because it’s a process and I am unsure of what the results will be. Sometimes I work on learning a trick for 2 months only to learn it’s not good for a live audience.

On the other hand, I have experience working at a restaurant I know that’s a goal that will bring great results to the restaurant and to me so the end result is much more concrete rather than the abstract process goal of putting new material together.

So for my 2013 Business Plan I want to keep it simple and focused, with goals that I know will bring concrete measurable results.